27. March 2015

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Lighting: MY NEW BUDDY …

The Norwegian lighting company Northern Lighting just announced the winner of their Student Design Award 2015; the desk lamp Buddy, designed by Mads Sætter-Lassen, a Master Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
buddy1Buddy is a smart little desk lamp that has a storage unit attached at the base, making it easy to store pens, pencils or scissors. The flexible shade can be rotated in any direction. Buddy is a small and compact lamp, but I still think it has a large personality, and it immediately appealed to me, both designwise and with regards to functionality. I love the graphic and simple shape. The shade and the storage unit balance each other perfectly. Hopefully the lamp will be in production within a year or so.
buddy3The steel lamp is powder coated, and the color palette is coral, matte green, black, grey and white. What color would you choose?

All images: Northern Lighting.

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3. March 2015

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If you are not afraid of heights, this is a challenge for you! You can now spend a night at the top of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, if you dare. This is a collaboration between Airbnb and Skiforeningen, and you will be sleeping surrounded only by Norwegian design, selected by Melissa Hegge, who herself is a seasoned Airbnb-host in Oslo, and styled by her and Nina Holst from Stylizimo. Airbnb is a community marketplace where you can book spaces directly from hosts; it can be just a room for the night or a flat or a house for a longer stay.
AirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpThis is a one-off experience, so it is free, but in order to become one of the chosen few who will get this opportunity, you need to pick a date, and write 100 words about why you deserve the stay. You can find the website and all information regarding the concept here.
AirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpThere are some house rules though; you cannot try the jump itself, unless you are a professional ski jumper. You can however invite your closest 30 000 friends to join you in the surroundings, but you need to warn your neighbors … and you can only bring one guest to the tower itself. Read more about it here.
AirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpSo much great Norwegian design to enjoy as well!
AirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpAirBnBOsloHolmenkollenSkiJumpE njoy the stunning panoramic view over Oslo ..

All images: Airbnb

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